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Shubhkaamna Industrial services is an online Expo. Clients can search for various service providers for Electrical, Instrumentation, mechanical, Machinery, tools, Chemicals, Transportation and other industrial Requirements. this online platform is only dedicated to Non-IT industries. Our Online platform allows clients to search for any products or services in an easy and convenient manner

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Services We Offer

Electrical Equipments & Items

If you are searching for Electrical Equipment and Items then it can be a right place for you, various service providers are available with multiple products.

Process Instrumentation & Automation

If you are searching for industrial automation, process instrumentation, and PLC or DCS Panels, you will find your related service providers with a single click

Mechanical Equipment, Machinery & Tools

If you are searching for Sugar Mill Machinery, Paper Mill Machinery, Tools & Mechanical Equipment, and other machinery, you can search for any Machinery or Mechanical Tools.e

And Many More

Search for any Machinery/Services

Clients Can Post Requirement for your products/Machinery/Services here.

Now it is easy to post your industrial requirements and we will help to provide you the related service providers for various services.

Post Your Industrial Requirements

Easy and Pocket-Friendly For Service Providers

We Provide Service Providers to upload their services as a showcase that presents their business in the targeted audience in a very easy and Cost-Effective Manner.

Our online platform provides service providers with a limitless accessibility of our services, it provides you to connect clients 24*7 across various regions. we understand your needs hence we are offering you the best and unique services in the field of non-IT industry to grow up your business limitless in the various regions. we offer you to connect with your clients in a direct way.

Our aim is to grow up your business in an easy way by connecting the clients from various Non-IT industries since your business is not limited to a single Non-IT industry.

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Easy & Convenient Search

We Offer you to search any industrial services in a convenient manner. we are offering you the various filter searches to provide you the best and accurate result of your searches.

Our online platform provides the client to search according to following filter searches

  • Search According to Various Non-IT Industries Like- Sugar, Power, Paper, Rubber, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals etc.


  • Search According to Services like- Manufacturing, O&M, Erection &  Commissioning, Sales/Support etc, so clients have the choice among various Services, We provide you with the services you want.


  • Search According to Tag– We offer Clients to search any industrial products or services according to thousands of tags


  • Search According To Title– We offer Clients to search according to the title of your Products or services.
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