How to write a Professional Resume for Job

In this post, we will discuss how to make a professional resume for job that will land to your interview. you can use these tips to make your resume more professional and effective.

Resume for Job
Resume for Job

Effective and professional Resume for job

The resume is the First Impression on Employer. Employer first meets with your resume. He/ She judges you by your resume then he calls you for the interview because the first impression is the last impression so your resume for job must be very effective to attract the attention of employer toward yourself. Candidates often consider an interview the first step in getting a job. In reality, creating a resume that lands for that interview are the first step.

  • The resume is a showcase of your achievements.
  • An Effective Resume is a Powerful way of making the first impression.
  • The resume is an assessment of your skills, strengths, abilities, and experience.
  • The resume is a basis for the interviewer to justify your hiring.
  • The resume tells what you have learned, what responsibilities you have assumed, and what you have accomplished.
  • A Resume is a subtle way to influence the direction of the interview.

Use these tips to write an effective resume that meets the employer’s needs and gets you an interview.

  • Type your name at the top in Capital letters and bold including your phone number and email id. If you are not using your mail id Please don’t mention it, because some employers use only your mail id to inform you about interview if provided.
  • Clearly, state the position you are seeking and the industry in which you are seeking your job positions. Clearly state whether you are seeking for a part-time job, full-time job or an internship.
  • Mention your experience starting from current employer.
  • Please don’t mention the irrelative experience if you have any.
  • Describe your education details in reverse chronological order (start from highest education) also describe your vocational training. Vocational training may also help in your interview. Don’t include your marks in educational detail if the marks are not good.
  • Describe your courses in a list, if the courses are related to your job role.
  • Use bullets for the attention of important points (like accomplishments)
  • Describe your technical skills and computer proficiency. This section will start with telling your major skills on which you have good command. So list down all the skills first on which you have good command and then keep rest of the skills at lower levels.
  • Describe your personal details in the end like- father’s name, nationality, marital status, language known etc.
  • Your resume should be simple, not artistic.
  • Resume length should be up to one and a half page if you are fresher if you have experienced more than 5 years then up to two and a half page is enough.
  • Use good quality white paper if you are submitting your resume by hand, if you are submitting your resume in the soft copy then use .dox format.
  • Use times new roman or Arial font not smaller than 12 points.

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