Construction of RTD

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In this lesson, We will Discuss the construction of RTD.

Construction of RTD
Construction of RTD

The following are the main parts of RTD.

  • Connection Head

Connection Head is Provided to make Connections. Connections are simplex or duplex in connection head.

  • Fitting

Fitting is Provided to make a mechanical connection in any line, tank or body. RTD is inserted into a process and then connected by using a fitting.

  • Protecting Tube

Protecting tube is to protect The RTD from physical damage.

  • Sensing Element.

Sensing Element is the temperature sensor of RTD. Sensing Element is PT100 or PT500 capsule.

three wires came from protecting tube are connected in connection head.

These 3 wires in which  2 are short-circuited (same colour wire).

RTDs are available in different sizes according to their length. The length of an RTD is in millimeters (mm).


  • In some of the hazardous areas/high-temperature zones, if you install simplex RTDs, in case of a fault, you may not be able to remove the RTD from the line and replace the same with a new one. In such cases, people prefer to go with duplex RTDs. So, if one element fails, you need not physically remove the RTD from the line but you can use the other element for temperature sensing.
  • In simplex signal goes to one location only. But in the duplex signal may go to two different locations.
  • Suitability for remote measurement
  • Very high accuracy
  • Interchangeability
  • Ability to be matched to close tolerances for temperature difference measurements.


  • Need for lead wire resistance compensation
  • Sometimes expensive
  • Generally not repairable
  • Susceptibility to self-heating error
  • Susceptibility to signal noise

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